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Specialized Rockhopper

Trek X-Caliber

The Specialized Rockhopper is the perfect bike for both beginners and intermediate mountain bike riders. It crosses capability with functionality, and has enough trim levels and colors to ensure there's a Rockhopper for everyone. Explore more colors and trims by clicking on the image.

X-Caliber is a high-value cross country mountain bike that performs way out of its class. Whether you’re lining up at the local XC races or chasing daylight after work, this bike will give you speed and efficiency for your best days on the trail. Check out more colors and trims by clicking on the image.


Trek Marlin

The Trek Marlin is at home on both light trails, and your daily commute. It's budget friendly, and highly versatile, making it a perfect beginner's mountain bike.


Specialized Fuse

The Specialized Fuse boasts mid-fat wheels that are a full 3 inches wide, with even more clearance. And when you mix it all with low, slack geometry, you get a bike that climbs like a hardtail and inspires confidence like the best trail bikes ever made.

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