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Need a tune-up or repair? Swing by the shop and have our expert mechanics take a look. No appointment necessary. 

Safety Tune                            $79

A quick checkover.

  • Adjust brakes and derailleurs

  • Adjust headset, bottom bracket, and hubs

  • Clean and lubricate the chain

  • Inflate tires

Annual Tune                         $109

Our most popular tune.

  • Everything in the Safety Tune

  • Tension spokes and true wheels

  • Clean the entire bike

Tune Up Plus                        $179

For bikes that need a little extra.

  • Everything in the Annual Tune

  • Remove drivetrain and soaks, scrubs, and lubricates parts

  • More thorough clean

Pro Tune                               $209

A full rebuild.

  • Everything in the Tune Up Plus

  • Strip the bike down to the frame

  • Cleans, soaks, lubricates and polishes each component and the frame

Don't see what you're looking for? Bring your bike by the shop and our mechanics will get your bike rolling again!

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