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Road, Triathlon and Gravel Bikes


Consider these options when you want to go further and faster and improve your fitness at the same time. Whether you're joining the local group rides, participating in a charity event, doing your first (or 50th) Ironman, or heading out for a weekend bikepacking adventure, we can help you find the perfect bike.

Performance Road:
Fast, light and responsive, with a more aggressive body position for aero dynamics. Popular option for racing, or for fast group rides. 

Endurance Road:
With a more upright ride style, these bikes are designed to keep you comfortable over longer rides and have clearance for slightly wider tires.  

Aero dynamic and fast. Designed for training for, and racing triathlons. Features integrated storage for easy fueling during your race. 

Similar to road bikes, but with clearance for wider, more versatile tires allowing you to ride on and off pavement. Popular bikepacking bikes.

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