Below are some of our guidelines for rides out of our shop, because safety is our priority:

  • Helmets are always required
  • Front light and flashing rear light are highly recommended
  • Please observe all traffic laws, and use common sense
  • Please, no triathlon aerobars

With good communication and proper ride etiquette, we can all go fast and have fun without putting ourselves in danger.

Have questions about our rides?  Call the shop at 908-232-3250 or send us an email at 

Group ride schedule for 2017 — Wednesday nights @ 6:00pm (B) and 6:15pm (Hybrid)

  • We have two groups heading out every Wednesday evening. Our B ride (16 mph average) leaves at 6:00pm and the Hybrid ride (10-12 mph average) leaves at 6:15pm. Both are no-drop rides so come out and enjoy an amazing time with our talented ride leaders, Mark and Andrew
  • Helmets required